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Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

Faculty (Present Members)

Title Degree・Certificate Name Fields of Research
Professor Bachelor of Engineering TAGUCHI, Manabu AIRLINE ENGINEERING
Professor Doctor of Engineering TOMIZAWA, Atsushi Research and development of flat rolling and metal forming process of sheet and tube
Research and development of new body structure and new forming process for lighter vehicles to improve fuel economy and crashes
Professor Doctor of Engineering HIGA, Yoshikazu Computational Modeling & Simulation for Multiphysics
Multiscale Simulation for Polycrystalline Metals based on the Crystal Plasticity Theory
Observation &Visualization of 3D Crystallographic Defects
Professor Doctor of Engineering MAKISHI, Osamu Evaporation heat transfer in horizontal micro fin tubes
Stability theory of vapor film in subcooled film boiling
Condition for the formation of annular liquid film in laminar gas-liquid flow in microchannel
Professor Doctor of Engineering MAKISHI, Takashi Improvement of Mechanical properties of Metals by using Plasma Nitriding Process
Development of Teaching Materials Used in Special Needs School
Atmospheric Corrosion Test of Materials
Professor Doctor of Engineering MIYATA, Yoshimori Study on corrosion, prevention of rust of metal materials
Study on corrosion of electronic parts, the apparatus
Study of the battery
Professor Doctor of Engineering YAMASHIRO, Hikaru Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics
Transport Phenomena
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering SHIMOJIMA, Ken Development of Five-axis Machining Center Geometric Deviation Estimation Method using Least-square Method
Development of the rice-powder manufacturing system using underwater shock wave
Development of the injection molding die –Production of O.N.C.T. logo-
Development of maintenance free underwater camera
Research of cutting and joint characteristic of composite materials (FRP)
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering TAKEMURA, Fumiaki Development of an underwater robot for environmental conservation in coastal waters of Okinawa
Development of an agricultural robot
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering TSUMURA, Takuya Welding and Joinig, Plasma and laser processing, Surface treatment
Solid-state welding of metals by using frictional heating
Welding and joining of new and dissimilar materials
Surface treatment and cutting of materials by using various kind of heat sources
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering TOBA, Hiroyasu Performance evaluation of manufacturing systems by simulation
Production planning and scheduling
Development of scheduling system
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering MASAKI, Kiyotaka Research of Fatigue Property using X-ray Computing Tomography
Research of Fatigue Property of Friction Stir Welded Joints
Improvement of Fatigue Property of Machine Structure Materials by Surface Modification
Assistant Professor Doctor of Engineering ASATO, Kentaro System-Order Reduction Using Generalized Gramians
Design of Fixed Order Controller Using LMIs
Visual Feedback Control Using a Camera with Depth Sensor
Development of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System

Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering

Faculty (Present Members)

Title Degree・Certificate Name Fields of Research
Professor Doctor of Engineering KANESHIRO, Chinami Semiconductor Physics
Surface Acoustic Wave
MEMS, Electrical Device
Semiconductor Device
MEMS Device, SAW – Semiconductor Coupled Device
MEMS Device:Fabrication of Micro-Spring Probe array
Solar Cell :Combination of pn junction and DSC
Professor Doctor of Engineering SUGIMOTO, Kazuhide Computer Vision, 3D Object Recognition, Intelligent Robot
Autonomous Vehicle
Stereo Vision, Human Computer Interaction
Concept formation
3D scene reconstruction based on stereo vision
Human Computer Interaction
Autonomous mobile/flying robot
Qualitative object recognition and concept formation
Professor Doctor of Engineering CHINEN, Koyu Optical Electronic Semiconductor Devices
RF-Electronic Circuits Design
Optical Wireless Communications
Optical Communications
Satellite Communications
Professor Doctor of Engineering FUJII,Satoshi Micro-wave engineering
Elastic-wave Engineering
Electronic device
Associate Professor Ph.D in Engineering KAMISATO, Shihoko Biological Information Engineering
KANSEI engineering, Motion capturing, Data Analysis
Welfare engineering, Educational engineering
Programming, Mathematical Programming
Operating System, Database System
Associate Professor Ph.D in Engineering KINJO, Ichiko Decision making support system
Fuzzy analysis
Sight seeing related information processing
OR(Operations Research)
Development of decision making support system
A study for sight seeing related information processing system based on fuzzy theory
Associate Professor Ph.D in Engineering TANIFUJI, Shoichi Micro-wave & Millimeter-wave Engineering
Wireless Communication Engineering
Si-CMOS RF Device & Module
3D-SiP Assembly(SBB, Flip-chip)
Associate Professor Ph.D in Engineering YAMADA, Chikatoshi Reconfigurable Computing, Computer Architecture
Hardware Algorithms, Embedded Systems
System LSI Design
Special-Purpose Computer Architecture
High Performance Computing
Model Checking for Hardware Design
Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Engineering MIYAGI,Kei Computer Engineering
VLSI Design

Department of Media Information Engineering

Faculty (Present Members)

Title Degree・Certificate Name Fields of Research
Professor Ph.D in Information Science ANEZAKI, Takashi Development of Robot Vision System
Development of Mobile Robot System
Development of the Autonomous Blimp Robot
Professor M.S. in Engineering. IHA, Yasushi Information Security
Malware Detection
Professor Doctor of Engineering SUMIDA, Masatoyo Optical communication systems
Computer networks
Professor M.S. in Biology MASAKI, Tadakatsu Statistical Analysis of Spatial Pattern
Education in Computer Graphics
Associate Professor Doctor of Philosophy TAMAKI, Tatsuhiro Traffic Engineering
Information Engineering
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering TANSURIYAVONG, Suriyon Digital signal processing
Image engineering
Associate Professor Doctor of Home Economics NISHIMURA, Atsushi Soundscape Design,
Social Application of Media Contents
Education in Media Contents Design
Senior Assistant Professor M.S. in Engineering SUZUKI, Taisaku Embedded System
Embedded Software
Associate Professor Ph.D in Knowledge Science SATOU, Takashi Complex Systems
Artificial Life
Evolutionary Linguistics
Evolutionary Computation
Multi-Agent Systems
Associate Professor Ph.D in Engineering MBAÏTIGA, Zacharie Robotics
Image Processing and Production Management System

Department of Bioresources Engineering

Faculty (Present Members)

Title Degree・Certificate Name Fields of Research
Professor Ph. D. in Medicine IKEMATSU, Shinya biochemistry
genetic engineering
cancer research
diagnostic product development
GMP for Drugs
Professor Ph. D. ITO, Masaaki Protein engineering
Enzyme chemistry
Professor Ph. D. TAIRA, Junsei Biological organic chemistry, Bioresource sciences
Professor Doctor of Engineering HAMADA, Taisuke Extraction of valuable compounds from bioresources
Solar cell
Photochemical reaction
Professor Ph. D. HIRAYAMA, Kei Neurochemistry
Neurobiology Scientific educations for children and elders
Professor Ph. D. in Agriculture MITSUE, Takahiro Microbiology
Food engineering
Associate Professor Ph. D. in Agriculture SANMIYA, Kazutsuka Plant Moleculer Biology
Professor Ph. D in Science TANAKA, Hiroshi Food Production
Functional Food Science
Associate Professor Ph. D. in Agricultural Sciences TANABE, Toshiaki Biotechnology
Bioconversion of Biomass
Associate Professor Ph. D. in Agriculture TAMAKI, Yasutomo Okinawan spirits AWAMOR
Analysis of flavor
Fermented food
Assistant Professor Ph. D. in Science IGUCHI, Akira Ecogenomics
Associate Professor Ph. D. in Science ISOMURA, Naoko Molecular ecology
Population genetics
Associate Professor Doctor of Science TAKEMOTO, Ayumi Shock wave processing

Department of Integrated Arts and Science

Faculty (Present Members)

Title Degree・Certificate Name Fields of Research
Professor M.A. in Literature AMITANI,Atsuko Taketori story,Utsuho story
Criticism of Japanese modern poetry
The study on method of the national language education
Professor Doctor of Science KOIKE, Kazutoshi Ring theory / Algebra / Mathematics
Professor Doctor of Science NARITA, Makoto General relativity and partial differential equations
— Global solutions to the Einstein equations
— Initial singularity of the universe
— Formation of black holes
Professor M.A. in Literature HOSHINO Eriko English literature
Gnostic influence upon William Blake's poetry
Irish literature
William Blake's influence upon William Butler Yeats
Translation of Cathal Ó Searcaigh's works into Japanese
Associate Professor Ph.D. AOKI, Kumi Early Mahayana Buddhism
Eastern philosophy
Western philosophy
Associate Professor Doctor of Science KIMURA, Kazuo Geomorphic process along convergent boundary
Landslide as geo-historic marker
Disaster records and disaster reduction
Geomorphic conditions and land use
Associate Professor Doctor of Literature SAWAI, Manami The situations of modern performing arts in Japan
The relation between culture and society
Associate Professor Doctor of Literature SHIMOGORI, Takeshi Study of Kumejima
History of Ryukyu Buddhism
Study of the family
Study of the national decision-making system of Insei period
Associate Professor M.A. in American Studies NAKAYAMA, Risa Race and ethnicity in American film
African American cinema
Representation of women in film
Representation of Okinawa in film
History of Hollywood cinema
Documentary film
Film and literature
Associate Professor Doctor of Science MORITA, Masaaki General relativistic cosmology
— Large-scale structure of the universe
— Physical substance of cosmic dark energy
— Averaging of an inhomogeneous universe
Associate Professor Doctor of Science YAMAMOTO, Hiroshi Holomorphic Family of Riemann Surfaces
Teichmüller Space and Modular Group
Senior Assistant Professor M.A. in Philosophy
M.A. in Linguistics
IIJIMA, Yoshie Applied Linguistics
Studies of Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
Implicit and Explicit Knowledge and Learning in SLA
Senior Assistant Professor Doctor of Health Science KUME, Daisuke Exercise Physiology, Health Science
Senior Assistant Professor M.Ed. in TEFL SUMIDA, Kathy English education using e-learning
how to use IT and the WEB in English classes
Reading Software
the topic of TOEIC
Senior Assistant Professor M.A. in Physical Education WATANO, Dai Sports Psychology
— Competitive motivation in triathlon
— Feedback-control and adaptive-control in motor learning
— Mental training and coaching in triathlon and other sports
Associate Professor Doctor of Science WATARI,Masahiro Algebraic geometry
Senior Assistant Professor Doctor of Science YOSHII,Keisuke Foundations of mathematics
Senior Assistant Professor M.A. in Counseling YOSHII,Risa Motivational Learning
English Education

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