World Students Bridge

World Students Bridge (WSB) is a club that values students' exchange. Our motto is to become "glocal" students who can think and act globally as well as locally, and we try to deepen mutual understanding by cross-cultural exchanges.

Our club activity involves planning and holding events for local and international students. We have held events such as welcome and farewell parties for international students, New Year's Mochi-tsuki which is pounding rice to make mochi (rice cakes) and Halloween, etc.

Also, WSB has been interacting with students from National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College. A group of WSB students have visited Nagaoka in Nigata, and students enjoyed fellowship especially skiing. Other times, students of Nagaoka College have visited Okinawa and had exchanges through the Peace Study.

Please feel free to take part in our club activity. You are always welcome!

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