Department of Bioresources Engineering

 Situated in Okinawa, an oceanic, subtropical climate, the Department of Bioresources Engineering aims to cultivate a mind for life science and technology, which also extends and conserves the geographical advantage.
Our curriculum is constructed to develop a faculty for practical utilization of bioresources, especially regional ones, including recycling in consideration for the ecology. The subjects in our curriculum consist of the three main courses,(1) biotechnology, (2) ecology/microbiology, and (3) food technology.

(1) The biotechnology course is designed to build up the foundation of biology and chemistry as the essentials of life science, and to develop the skills for biotechnology and genetic engineering.

(2) The ecology/microbiology course is designed for education of theory and practice of microorganism utilization. This course also includes subjects to educate essentials and practical skills of environmental technology and ecology.

(3) The food technology course is concerned with chemistry, analysis and biological function of food components and their application, development of food product and food production in industrial scales.

Basic Biotechnology Lab. Class
Basic Biotechnology Lab. Class
  • Integrated Arts and Science
  • Advanced Course